Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaned bathroom

Deep cleaning FAQs

This can depend on a number of factors, some of these being proximity to main roads, whether you have children or pets, or if you use a regular cleaning service. In general most of our customers deep clean twice a year, but whatever your needs are, Elite Clean Ltd will work hard to provide a solution which is tailor made to your specific requirements.

Our lives are surrounded by pollution, dirt and dust, which in general can lead to a more unhygienic environment than we realise. Even though we make an effort to keep our homes and spaces clean, we often miss out on those hard to reach areas which over time can accumulate lots of dirt and grime. Elite Clean Ltd’s deep cleaning procedure ensures we thoroughly clean and disinfect all of these critical areas.

Even though both deep cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning are similar, and both consist of a thorough clean completed to a checklist, a deep clean is a more personalised service to fulfil your specific requirements (property needs thorough cleaning, before/after selling, before baby arrives etc) whereas an end of tenancy is a specialised service which meets the standards set by the estate agent or landlord.

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