End of Construction Cleaning

End of build clean

End of construction cleaning FAQs

Of course. But its important to consider that although deep post construction cleaning is similar to regular cleaning, it is much more intensive, and usually requires the use of specialist tools such as wet/dry vacuums, commercial floor polishers and bucket vacuums. When you factor in the cost and labour, it might be more cost effective to get in touch with a professional cleaning company.

We do indeed. Our team of post construction cleaners only use the latest in industry approved cleaning equipment and products. We regularly monitor the use of our equipment and train our staff in the latest industry approved methods, and we are constantly adapting our approach to move with the times so that Elite Clean Ltd will stand alone when it comes to your go to professional cleaning company.

Post construction cleaning is absolutely necessary. The build up of dust and debris during the construction process can pose multiple risks to health and safety. Hiring a reputable cleaning company ensures that you don’t fall foul of any local health and safety regulations. A clean and hygienic building also reflects well on you and your company, leaving your client satisfied and more likely to recommend you to others.

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