Pre / Post Event Cleaning

Post event cleaning

Pre / post event cleaning FAQs

In an ideal world, the more notice the better. It gives us time to visit the venue/site to gain a good understanding of what you require. But as we all know, we don’t live in an ideal world, so you can give us a call at absolutely anytime and we will do our upmost to provide you with a pre/post event cleaning team that will fulfil all of your needs.

This is all down to your individual needs as a client, the size of the venue, number of expected guests, and whether you require us to work to a strict deadline. Whatever it is you require, Elite Clean Ltd can provide the solution.

Absolutely not. Every one of our professional event cleaners is highly experienced in event cleaning and completely professional in their approach to keeping your venue clean, tidy and completely hygienic throughout and maintaining complete discretion when doing so.

The fundamental principles of our general investment philosophy, which are epistemic humility and pragmatism, permeate all of our work. You’ll identify them as the recurring trait, a “leit-motif”, in all of our portfolios. Both principles reflect our conviction that having a responsive awareness of the limits of one’s own knowledge and acting accordingly helps to mitigate the cost of negative outcomes and to adapt to actual circumstances. Such conviction propels us and guides us to achieve our goals responsibly.